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Learn about the Big Boy 3D Printer and the people behind it

About us

The Big Boy 3D Printer

An Incredibly Overbuilt 3D Printer that has elements of generative design, a custom tool changer, and lots of rigidity. 

Project Goal

Learn additive and subtractive Manufacturing methodology and The Design Process by building an experimental 3d printer/mill hybrid from scratch.

Print Area of 330mm x 475mm x 500mm

We tried to design with the biggest print area we could reasonably manufacture. 

Overall Size: 700mm x 700mm x 900mm

Our requirement was for the printer to fit through a standard door. We were able to meet that requirement.

Weight: Approximately 250 lbs

Since this is steel construction through and through, the printer weighs a fair bit. This weight and rigidity make it easy to add a spindle.

Reliable 80mm/s Print Speed

The 7 NEMA 23 steppers provide more than enough speed and force to move the X,Y, and Z axes.

Custom Designed Tool Changer

Our custom milled dovetail magnetic tool changer is a completely novel design, we even had to buy a special insert for manufacturing it!

Project Updates

The Team

Learn about all of the people who make cool things happen. 

Alan Kraft

  • Purdue Nuclear Engineering Alum
  • Chief Engineer on the Project
  • Master of CAD
  • Procured Ball Screws and Rails

Alex Josten

  • Purdue Aeronautical Engineer
  • Master of CAM
  • Main Manufacturer
  • Made all Tubes and Couplers

Matthew Fitzgerald

  • Purdue Systems Analysis and Design Alum
  • Worked on Procurement
  • Designed Electronics
  • Manufactured Gusset Plates